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Netopia Lobbying for Internet Censorship

Posted on November 03, 2005 by Administrator

I read this first from The J Spot. Netopia is lobbying for internet censorship. Granted, it’s “only for porn”, but I share Jangelo’s fears that the same arrangement can be used to stifle online speech. It’s a valid concern, shared by the good people who opposed the Communications Decency Act back in the day (web old timers may remember the blue ribbon campaign).

Of course, it’s pretty hard to “censor” the net, but you really don’t need end-to-end coverage. Sometimes, a high-profile conviction is sufficient to achieve a “chilling effect”. Litigation along would make anyone think twice.

Personally, I’m blog hoppin’ mad. How far into the law-making process is this genius scheme? Just what is Netopia’s angle on this?


11 to “Netopia Lobbying for Internet Censorship”

  1. jangelo says:

    Maybe Netopia’s mother company, PLDT, wants to control the ‘net as they did the fixed-line business for decades. 😉


  2. erisac says:

    Gut feeling tells me it’s mere publicity stunt for Netopia.

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  3. emer says:

    i hope you’re right erisac. there’s a lot to be gained from being recognized as a “family friendly” net cafe. but netopia can control their own installations. technology is available. why seek laws against the ISP’s?

  4. erisac says:

    I don’t think Revilla and Villar would be so audacious as to propose what could be a seminal legislation that may consequently threaten our freedom of speech.

    As for the MTRCB, look at the results of their efforts; staid products by our local film and TV industries despite of our abundance of talents.

    As for regulating ISPs, I suggest they all band together and present a unified resistance to such proposal. They should also pool together some funds for public awareness programs regarding this particular issue and drum up public support.

    But until Revilla and Villar take a couple of steps forward in favor of this issue, I will remain steadfast in my original gut feel opinion: publicity stunt for Netopi@.

    I hope I’m right, emer.

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