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Wiretapgate Blog Roundup

Posted on June 15, 2005 by Administrator

What a crazy weekend indeed, and the fact that mainstream media has flip-flopped from knee-jerk screaming and hair-tearing to an eerie “nothing to see here, move along now” compliance doesn’t help. I manage to zone out the noise and the faff by going through my blogroll:

The PCIJ blog has audio files of the taped conversations ready for download. They’re mirrored over at Yuga’s blog.

MLQ3 has commentary on the latest developments.

Ultraelectromagneticblog offers some comic relief if all this Sith-style politics becomes too much for you.

Then, you can’t have a proper political scandal without the lawyers (heh). The Sassy Lawyer blogs about some legal aspects of the controversy (and urges sobriety and common sense as well). Over at Punzi’s Corner, there are blog-lectures that will help you wade through the legalese. My boss, JJ Disini weighs in on the legality of disseminating the audio of the taped conversations.

But then, GMA (or any politician) wouldn’t have this charlie foxtrot had she used encryption and VOIP.

[Update: Jobarclix sees it as a Digital Signal Processing problem]


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