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Yan ang Pinay!

Posted on May 29, 2005 by Administrator

Vonjobi gave us a heads-up as the Filipina keyword search engine dilemma has evolved to a “Yan ang Pinay!” movement. It even has its own campaign image courtesy of Jonas Diego.

The Philippine blogging community is building a show of force in defining what truly is a Filipina. It is a great public display of the Filipino’s true gender sensitivity and value for the Filipino woman – the Filipina.

If you are also contributing to the cause of building relevant content and blog post about the Fiipina, let us know!


1 to “Yan ang Pinay!”

  1. My article tying Marc Hil Macalua’s filipina tagging project and racism in the American theater can be accessed at http://filipinas.cjb.net. I’d welcome your comments.

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