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Reasons why we blog

Posted on May 23, 2005 by Administrator

One blog that has caught my attention is Hazel Marie’s blog post on “Reasons why we blog” inspired by Dean Alfar‘s talk during the iBlog event.

We encourage you to share your “reasons why we blog” story and may it inspire those who are still contemplating about it.


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4 to “Reasons why we blog”

  1. vonjobi says:

    rei and i had a bit of a discussion related to this. could it, in fact, be the case that bloggers blog because we are “voracious readers”?

  2. Hazel Marie says:

    I must agree with that statement that bloggers blog because we are voracious readers. I think before you can be blogger, one has to have some kind of “force” to be able to start doing it, for which, one such “force” would have to be sourced or inspired from reading other people’s blog, or a reference or news article about blogging. It must be something like “oh, i like reading this blog, i know i can do this kind of stuff, so why don’t i start one for myself”. Parang ganun.

    I first heard about blogging from an in internet search in 2002 and from a friend’s moblog when I was still a grad student in Tokyo, and I had been a blog lurker until the day I learned how to make blogs. All I did was read other people’s online journals (blogs) and I started learning from them. When I learned how easy it was to make my own blog, I started one but was really not paying attention much about privacy issues, etc. I think, we (unconsciously) all want to be “read”, that part when you want to share something to the world, initially bits and pieces about your life, then you start developing your own audience (or set of blog friends), and then, you change the world in your own way through blogging through ideas or whatever.

    I am sure everyone agrees that we blog because someone or something inspired us or urged us to write own own stuff, and reading is definitely a huge factor to this.

  3. Here’s an interesting blog post about “Some Popular Bloggers“. A must read!

  4. chedie says:

    Once upon a time, back in college, I started a blog just for the hell of it. I was also starting to learn HTML by that time so to be able to apply it to something was exciting for me and the blog was one of my HTML projects.

    Honestly though, I am a frustrated writer. I am honest in saying that I don’t write well, technically or creatively. It takes time for me to get down ideas straight, especially when writing a story. So on my earlier blog days, my entries were rather short, shallow and all about what happened to me within that day.

    But somehow without realizing it, I was adding more categories I didn’t expect to place there. I added some marketing stuff, graphic design articles, music videos I’m interested in etc.

    It wasn’t about just what I was doing in that day. It was now on articles with regards to my job, the inspirational stuff friends sent to me, even added interactive stuff readers could go to when looking for online games, the discoveries I found on the net. Somehow, for me, it became a scrapbook-slash-diary or sorts. And I am happy about that.

    Then I got into reading other blogs and to learn more on the world. The society, the government, culture, technology etc. Yes, I admit that I have a looooooooooong way to go to write well…. but I have to admit I enjoy blogging no matter what others say.

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