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iBlog Eve

Posted on May 06, 2005 by Administrator

Less than a day to go before iBlog. Things are starting to get hairy for the iBlog staff as we hammer out the details that will make tomorrow possible.

Before we disappear in a whirlwind of frenetic activity, please take note:

1. Things will start at 8am tomorrow. Be there to login with your real-world selves.

2. There will be a registration booth where you can get badges, meal stubs, and a special issue of digit@l, the UP LAW ISP newsletter.

3. We’ll try to prioritize those who’ve registered, especially those who reconfirmed via e-mail yesterday, but at some point we’ll have to attend to those actually there. So please be there as early as you can.

4. Try as we might, not everyone may be able to get meal stubs (sorry).

5. Someone suggested, actually insisted, that we ought to have shirts for the event. Someone’s on it already :)

6. Don’t get lost. NISMED (formerly just ISMED) is pretty easy to find.

That’s it. Wish us luck, and see you all tomorrow!


1 to “iBlog Eve”

  1. Abe Olandres says:

    Maybe you guys could provide a landline or a cell number where people can text and call you up that day. I have several people asking me directions din e. Di ko mashado kabisado yung pag commute papunta dyan.

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