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iBlog: The 15th Philippine Blogging Summit #iblog15

Deadline for Registration

Posted on April 15, 2009 by Administrator

Registration will end on April 30, 2009 11:59 PM (GMT + 8). For those who have not yet registered, GO REGISTER. It is still FREE. No change in that. See you all on May 9!


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    iBlog5 Set for May 9, 2009

7 to “Deadline for Registration”

  1. Can I register for the blog seminar? Please reply thanks.

  2. velvet says:

    well i guess i’m too late. that’s already next week and i only heard the news today. *sigh*

    can i still join tho?

    • Administrator says:

      Yes you can still join. But we cannot guarantee food and freebies will be available for those who were not able to register.

  3. kasuy says:

    uh-oh. it looks like i’m always late for registration. can i still attend without registering online? i think last year i only registered (tried) days before the event. gomen.

    • Administrator says:

      You can still go to the event. But we cannot guarantee that you will get food and materials during the event.

  4. sayang naman ngayon ko lang nalaman ang event na ito. may sured seats ba dito or first come first serve. mukhang kelangan ng more aggressive campaign sa summit na ito. wala akong kaalam-alam na sa may 9 na pala.

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