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That iBlog Afterglow 5

Posted on April 27, 2006 by Administrator

It took some time for us to wrap up and clean out. And the post-summit nirvana is still hanging around our office. We’d like to thank everyone for attending iBlog 2. We’ve got a larger turnout than last year, more speakers, more stuff.

Love and Money

We wouldn’t have gotten away with this little caper without our sponsors:

The Liberal Times Manila

Creativ Voices

The Sound and The Fury

The Liberal Times Manila has a podcast on the iBlog 2.

And check out the first batch of audio files from Creative Voices:

We’ve started uploading the speakers’ notes and presentations and linking to them from one page.

Links and Pics

The Jester-in-Exile goes to iBlog2

I went to IBlog2 Summit (from Touched by an Angel)

The Filipina Teacher-Librarian: Do Note Fear Tomorrow

Kutitots: Half an iBlog

JJ Disini: Wrap-up and Gallery

Clair: After iBlog2

More stuff are in the pipeline. Come back very very very soon!


“i” Marks the Spot 10

Posted on April 11, 2006 by Administrator

iBlog 2 will be held in the UP College of Law in Diliman, Quezon City. In case you need help getting there, we’ve got a map to the venue just for you.


iBlog 2 Buttons 142

Posted on April 03, 2006 by Administrator

Got a blog? Help us promote iBlog 2 by posting these buttons.

We’ve already got 129 registrants as of this time. Not bad considering we’ve only gone promoting through the web. We’re hoping for a bigger crowd though, and we’d really appreciate it if you help spread the word. Registration will be open for as long as we can take in people.

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