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…And Bloggers Fight Back

Posted on October 31, 2005 by Administrator

Of course, if you lash out on bloggers, you can’t expect us to take it sitting down. Some great reactions online:

* From Doc Searls:

I’d like to ask Dan — and others who damn all bloggers for the sins of the few — how they’d like to read a report that calls supermarket tabloids “the newspapers” or hate sheets “the magazines.” Because that’s what happened to bloggers in this piece.

* Kurt Opsahl from the EFF has this great parody:

Printing presses are the prized platform of a public lynch mob spouting liberty but spewing lies, libel and invective. Their potent allies in this pursuit include Ben Franklin and John Hancock.

Take the tea tax. Revenue was coming, providing much needed funding to help with his Majesty’s benevolent aims in the colonies.

Then the pamphleteers attacked. A supposed crusading journalist launched a broadsheet long on invective and wobbly on facts, posting articles with his printing press calling your King “deceitful,””unethical,””incredibly stupid” and “a pathological liar” who had misled the colonists.


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