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iBlog Audio 4

Posted on May 30, 2005 by Administrator

UPDATED Watch this space closely for the next few days. We’re rolling out MP3’s of the iBlog sessions as soon as we can make them.

Part 1: Introduction by JJ Disini – Session by Abe Olandres (22MB, 32mins)

Part 2: More from Abe – Session by Gail dela Cruz (22MB, 32mins)

Part 3: More from Gail, Gail & Abe Q&A – Session by Emil Avancena of Dot.PH (32MB, 47mins)

Part 4: More from Emil – Morning Open Forum (32MB, 47mins)

Part 5: More Open Forum – Session by Dondi Mapa (33MB, 48mins)

Part 6: More from Dondi Mapa – Session by Dean Alfar (33MB, 48mins)

Part 7: More from Dean Alfar – Session by Alecks Pabico of PCIJ (32MB, 47mins)

Part 8: More from Alecks Pabico – Session by Sassy Lawyer (33MB, 47mins)

Part 9: More from Sassy Lawyer – Afternoon Open Forum (28MB, 49mins)

Part 10: More from Afternoon Open Forum – End (9MB, 16mins)

[Lazyweb Request: right now the files are organized by the order they were recorded on tape. My computer’s too pokey to splice and join the multi-megabyte files so that they’re neatly arranged by speaker/session. If someone can help me massage the files that way, that’d be great. Some mirroring and torrent setup for these big heavy babies would also be appreciated.]


Yan ang Pinay! 1

Posted on May 29, 2005 by Administrator

Vonjobi gave us a heads-up as the Filipina keyword search engine dilemma has evolved to a “Yan ang Pinay!” movement. It even has its own campaign image courtesy of Jonas Diego.

The Philippine blogging community is building a show of force in defining what truly is a Filipina. It is a great public display of the Filipino’s true gender sensitivity and value for the Filipino woman – the Filipina.

If you are also contributing to the cause of building relevant content and blog post about the Fiipina, let us know!


Did Bayo plagiarize? 1

Posted on May 27, 2005 by Administrator

I received a Yahoo 360 notification from a friend to check out this blog thread about Bayo, accused of plagiarizing someone else’s artwork and used in their Kids of Bayo clothesline.

Bayo, on the other hand, has not given any official response about this matter despite the e-mails they have been getting about it. Is the accusation substantiated? In time, we’ll see…

Do you have a blog post about this topic? Let us know!

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