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iBlog: The 15th Philippine Blogging Summit #iblog15

iBlog6 Registration



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51 to “iBlog6 Registration”

  1. Micay says:

    See you all at iBlog6.

  2. Nonoy says:

    Sana may ganito rin sa Iloilo.

  3. JayL says:

    kita-kits ulet :)

  4. moses says:

    sna makapunta me,..batangas p province ko,..pero try ko tlga pnta

  5. Roy says:

    wow! 2 days event na siya ngayon!

    I might attend 1 day only though, the saturday one

  6. Tita Beng says:

    Hi Fjords! I have once attended an iblog summmit (’08) I missed last year’s though. Will try my best not to miss this one. Thanks for dropping by.

  7. Registered…to attend day 2. See you guys at iBlog6.

  8. Lace Llanora says:

    registered for day 2! :)

  9. geb0i says:

    I hope to attend the activity.. LOL. sse you around guys..

  10. daddy joey says:

    registered. see you at iBlog6!!! 😀

  11. Dimples says:

    Just Registered! Hope to see you there :)

  12. see you guys at iBlog 6!

  13. Ishmael Ahab says:

    I will attend iblog for the first time. Hope my schedule fits.

  14. norma says:

    i wanna learn!!! have another website…www.coronlovers.ning.com and other such uninteresting regular blogs…ireally wanna learn…

  15. wentot says:

    See you on Day 2.

  16. erica says:

    see you guys there :) i am really looking forward to making new friends!

  17. jtb52 says:

    I encouraged everybody to attend the event. See you there!

  18. Chie says:

    Nice, hope see you there!

  19. Lionheart says:

    Excited na ako…

    See you guys! :)

  20. Gerry says:

    I salute the organizers and the sponsors of this program. More of this type of events should be conducted to accelerate the development of internet enabled business in the country.

  21. marklowel2010 says:

    Lau ko sayang, gud luck nlng. See ko nlng highlights.

  22. Paul says:

    I will attend the 2 day event.. See you then

  23. Winziph says:

    Sana makaattend ako sa event na ito. :(

  24. hi, pwede bang half day lang each day umattend? I want to attend both days pero afternoon session. thanks.

  25. Gracey Cortez says:

    hi this is gracey, i just want me and my team to attend, Im about to register for my team. we are five in a team. Unfortunately, its already full. Anybody who can help us how we can still get a slot, we really need this! Plsssss…:) Thanks peeps!

  26. melandria says:

    hi, hope you can still accommodate me. I am coming all the way from Naga City and I really love to attend an event like this.

  27. Ion Man says:

    Exciting! See you

  28. Be there on Saturday! See you there guys!

  29. Cher Cabula says:

    Woot! See you all there!

  30. Registered…but not yet included in the participants’ list…

  31. registered on day 2. see ya, peeps!

  32. Is this the registration?I wish to register for both days.Thanks.

  33. pusang kalye says:

    sayang nasa Pangasinan ako neto—sigh

  34. Agnes Tejada says:

    I’ve already registered but would like to add one more person. I couldn’t find the registration form online.


  35. jam says:

    how can i register? my officemates and i wants to attend the seminar.

  36. melardenio says:

    wow..this is nice…salamat sa nag invite sa akin buti na lang..

  37. ph1l1p says:

    close na registration? sayang..

  38. dan says:

    Sayang wala nang slot. aatend sana ako…. may nag cancel da? inform naman me thanks

  39. dan says:

    pwede pa umatend po?

  40. JC says:

    may bayad ba?

  41. Mam Janet, Sorry to tell you that I can’t attend the iblog summit due to family problems. Kahit huli na itong mensahe ko sana maibigay ang reservation ko sa iba na gustong mag-attend. Maraming salamat!

  42. Lei says:

    Where can i find the list of registered attendees?

  43. Ibba says:

    Is it still possible to attend even thought the maximum number has been reached in the registration?

  44. Jr says:

    hello! can you update us if someone cancels on this event? i really wanted to attend..:)

  45. kylle nikka says:

    hi, can anyone please send us an update on this. I’m welling to join in this event. I was planning to attend to last year’s event, but sadly, i was busy, thus I was not able to attend.

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