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Speakers’ Presentations Part 6: Connie Veneracion aka The Sassy Lawyer

Posted on May 11, 2005 by Administrator

Bloggers are an unusual bunch. They share their inner most secrets and thoughts but keep a safe distance from their real world audience. On-line personas so meticulously crafted might crumble under the weight of real-world contact. And so, when The Sassy Lawyer was introduced at iBlog, it was Connie Veneracion who took to the stage and faced her loyal readers.This was a virtual reunion but also a real world first meeting. The warm reception marked by cheers and loud applause confirmed that The Sassy Lawyer had touched the lives of most of the bloggers in attendance.

I must say she didn’t disappoint.

See her slideshow (563KB, Adobe Acrobat)


4 to “Speakers’ Presentations Part 6: Connie Veneracion aka The Sassy Lawyer”

  1. Clair says:

    It was really nice actually meeting her in real life. I thought it would never happen… Am still a bit star struck. This entry of mine hints how starstruck I was 😉

  2. Char says:

    This guy was pretty (I rate him 4.5 stars), but he knew it and reveled in it (automatic 1 star deduction). I did get an &#02i8;2ck” vibe from him–the unbroken stare really creeped me out (knock off another star there). So, I’d say, the cyst ended up being the more exciting of the two.The cyst needed to be explored, imho. How can you not at least mash that thing open? Inquiring minds need to know more!Also, qz3ymh, welcome, welcome, welcome. By now there must be all of four of us posting on PTZ!

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