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iBlog: The 15th Philippine Blogging Summit #iblog15

So Long, And Thanks for All Trackbacks!

Posted on May 09, 2005 by Administrator
iblog participants - small
(Photo by Jon Lao)

Thanks to everyone who attended iBlog! Thanks to everyone who weren’t able to attend but helped buid its momentum by registering or promoting the event.

Thanks to all our speakers, who more than justified waking up early one Saturday morning to attend some blogging summit :).

Tales from Disiniland has a full account (and photos!) of the day’s events and activities.

We’re getting good feedback from the blogosphere, and we’re extremely gratified. There’s always room with improvement though, and we’re definitely taking notes of
critiques and suggestions.

From our speakers:
Abe Olandres:
“Pinoy bloggers made history today”

Dean Alfar:
“It was great being in the company of an intelligent and receptive audience”

The Sassy Lawyer:
“They gave me something far more important than anything with monetary value…”

And from some of the participants:
UP Parser: “iBlog Summit a Blast”.
Rain: Got a headache from infromation overdose and asks: Where were the celebrity bloggers?
Sean: Takes stock of lessons learned.

Got an iBlog story to tell? Just link back to us, or drop a url in this post’s comments section :).

Though the summit itself is over, please do visit this site every now and then. Lots of stuff from the summit we intend to put online.
Speaker’s presentations, transcripts, and mp3’s oh my! Plus, any plans for future iBlog’s :)


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22 to “So Long, And Thanks for All Trackbacks!”

  1. Abe Olandres says:

    Just got a call now from GMA 7 and they told me the feature will be aired today at 7AM in Unang Hirit then another one in 24 Oras.

  2. rain says:

    It just came out on Unang Hirit, around 6:15. My morning groggy-self took a digicam avi file of 9/10’s of it.

  3. Was not able to watch it. Is it possible for GMA to post it online sa website nila.

  4. onefilipino says:

    tales from Disiniland has a full account (and photos!)

    When i checked it at noon today may 9
    it was down and said that it would be up in Jun still!

    Can iblog post his account and photos here as well?
    or email me the html page :) thanks!

  5. Ardythe says:

    Hmmm the photographers are too far…

  6. Ardythe says:

    OMG i cannot access it! Bandwidth limited. Accessible on June 1. Arrrggghhh!

    I am too shy to ask Commissioner Mapa some questions. Hahaha. He’ll be grilled on his blog. Ãœ

  7. vonjobi says:

    yup! disini.i.ph is down. i guess that’s the problem with the free i.ph account.

    anyway, i left comments there regarding the use of jonathan lao’s pics (i don’t wanna get sued!). but since disini.i.ph is down, maybe trying to get in touch directly with jonathan will be easier. jonathan, please reply if you see this. thanks!

  8. Congratulations to the organizers and participants of the 1st Philippine Blogging Summit for a very successful event! You should know that some of us just attended the event out of interest and of course to learn something new, and we were not disappointed. It was fun, I think. Will definitely post what I thought of the whole experience in my blog later. Meanwhile, I hope this blog summit thing would be held on a regular basis, because there are so many issues and so many other aspects of blogging that needs to be discussed. I’ll definitely be glad to be invited and to attend an event like this again. Keep us posted!

    More power to all of you. :)

  9. Abe Olandres says:

    More pics here: http://www.yugatech.com/photos/iblog/

    Rain, can you put upn a link for the video? Didn’t see it. No TV.

  10. gari says:

    wallowing in self-pity and regret
    for not being able to attend…
    hay…hirap maging manggagawa. :-(

  11. JJ Disini says:

    It’s up na. The surge of traffic was too fast for me to take action. I think it’s an indication just how successful the event.

    So, thanks to everyone for dropping by and making it crash! ;p



  12. rain says:

    Abe, its a 30-meg avi file (a 2 second sample where you can see me is on my latest post). Can split it into smaller ones, and upload it, pero crude talaga yung quality, yung Canon A85 lang gamit ko. Kagigising ko lang nung na-feature sya e, di pa ako nakapagset ng tripod and all. Mamaya, sa 24 Oras, I’ll try again. Pero definitely someone who has a TV tuner with his/her pc can do a better job at it.

  13. rain says:

    … and its either I missed the iblog segment on 24 Oras while making my inihaw na bangus dinner, or was it never really shown?

  14. karla says:

    wasn’t able to come.. i was in boracay over the weekend.. when’s the next blogging summit?

  15. vonjobi says:


    someone said that she saw it on 24 oras. i tried fast forwarding through the different clips for may 9 but it doesn’t seem to be there. if anyone has time to watch the whole thing, can you just please say which clip we should watch?

  16. acee says:

    haven’t seen the news clip from 24 Oras. most probably because i was too busy sleeping. hehe! =P anyone got a copy? err, just asking… can i copy the group pic and post it in my blog? haven’t updated yet, though. pretty busy…

  17. Ardythe says:

    Oh yeah before I forget…

    Thank you. We had such great speakers, even if I am not fond of taking down notes, I really learned a lot. The food was terrific, I tell you, me being very picky about food (as a dietitian). We made new friends.

    Simply wonderful.

  18. tiborce says:

    my post about the summit is here. congratulations to the organizers. can’t wait for the next one.

  19. hmm,.. wala naman ko narinig na balita sa kapuso… o kahit yata sa kapamilya. hehe, neway, meron palang ganito. papano ba makasali dyan… pa-join .. =>

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